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What is PPC or Google Ads? Is it for my business?

Google Ads or Pay per click are the ads that we see when you search for something on Google. Why can’t ignore PPC or Google Ads?


Because ‘Search’ is ‘Intent’


People search for something on Google when they have an intention to know more about it. And If they are looking for products or services you offer and are not visible to them at that point, it’s not a very good business decision.

Our team makes sure that you’re visible to your potential clients when they’re looking for your service on the Google search page. To make that happen many factors come into play other than your marketing budget for the PPC Ads. It depends on the quality of your landing page, Quality score, Bid, keywords Etc.

Why businesses can't ignore PPC Ads

PPC or Google Ads are undoubtedly one of the most evolved type of digital marketing, the flexibility it provides to businesses of all sizes and vertical is immersive. As you go through below you will get a clear idea, why PPC ads can’t be ignored irrespective of your product or services.

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Google Ads mainly runs on keywords, In digital marketing, keywords are what people type in the google search page. Google Ads allow businesses to show their ad only when someone searches for a product or service that a business offer. How to do it, is more complex than said, that’s why there are professionals who can get you the best return for the bucks spent.

High ROI

Let numbers speak for themselves, In recent market research done in 2020 Google Ads or PPC ads now drives 36% of the revenue and 75% of the users find search ads helpful to find the information they’re looking for. Plus you only get charged when someone clicks your Ad, which makes it a high ROI-driven platform for any businesses

Targetting & Tracking

No one can reckon that Google knows us to a great extent, sometimes even better than us, PPC ads give us the flexibility to drill down our campaigns based on our location, days, age, household income, language, and a lot more. This allows you to segment your audience and adjust your budget accordingly. Google ads dashboard also provides you the insight on the number of clicks you’re missing based on your current budget and recommends the best practices as per your strategy, which so far none of the marketing technology has achieved

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    3 PPC Ads KPI's You Can't Ignore

    Click-Through Rate

    CTR or click-through rate is one of the core metrics of PPC ads which can’t be ignored, it’s the ratio of clicks on the Ad to impressions it has received, anything above 2.5% is considered as above average CTR.

    Quality Score

    Quality score is the metric from Google which determines the relevance of your ads and keywords for the PPC Ads. Higher the Quality score you have, the lower the advertiser pays for the click.

    Impression Share

    Impressions share (IS) of the PPC Ads is the percentage of impressions that your ads received compared to what they could have received. This metric gives you an idea of how many impressions you’re losing because of budget or Ad quality. Based on the IS report, you can adjust your budget and quality of your Ad to get the maximum share of impression

    How we setup the PPC Ads

    In a recent study by Google, 75% of the advertisers don't optimize their PPC ads, and PPC or Google Ads are meant to be optimized daily. An agency has to understand a lot of indicators and insights to optimize its Ad account.

    Keyword Research

    Keywords are the backbone of any PPC ads, thus for any Google Ads agency foremost thing is to search for the keyword relevant to the business and location they’re serving.

    Perfect Ad Copy

    A perfect Ad copy can do wonders for any business, Ad copy entices users to click on the Ad, thus increasing the CTR and number of clicks you’re getting in your budget.

    Ad Optimzation

    No good PPC agency works on set and forgets approach, for any marketing campaign, it needs to be monitored on the daily basis, so to generate highest ROI for the bucks spent

    Quality Landing Page

    We make sure the quality of your landing page is up to mark and contribute to increasing the conversion rate of your Ads

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