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Google Display Ads | YouTube Marketing

Marketing is diverse, and digital marketing is extremely diverse. And if you know digital marketing, you will know which channel to tap at what stage of the customer journey.

Display marketing is basically the banner ads which is you see on many websites and, it also includes YouTube ads, the annoying skippable, non-skippable ads are all part of the display campaigns. Display marketing Ads are notorious for low CTR and low conversion rate, yet it is something we are most exposed to and have seen brands spending a fortune over it.

Display Marketing does one thing the best which other channels don’t deliver that efficiently, which is brand awareness, and awareness is the first step in any marketing funnel. 


How display marketing fits in your marketing strategy?

A marketing funnel is the path which your customers follow from the stage where they first discovered your business until they convert, and display marketing plays a vital role.

  • Showcase your business on YouTube to a relevant audience at a much lower cost
  •  Retarget your website visitors on Youtube & Google Partner websites
  • Retarget based on the customer journey – only to those who added the product in the cart, who visited the website but didn’t fill the lead form, and more

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