IT Asset Tracking & Management System

Project Name: IT Asset Management
Client: South African Reserve Bank
Project Commencement Date: July, 2016
Priject Completion Date: February, 2018
Project url: internal to cient

The South African Reserve Bank was looking for an IT system to manage all of their IT systems using an On-Premises solution to protect the confidentiality of their Asset Data. SARB had already decided to go with their preferred software solution and Project involved consulting the business owners to understand the internal existing system and process to implement a best solution that can help SARB to proceed the journey of continual service improvement.


Project consulting after Kick-off took around 70 days and a solution was drafted on it to first build the system in a development environment to test and go through User Acceptance Testing and training and then build in the Production environment with latest release available. The system was required to be integrated with the ERP system to keep the system always in sync with the ERP system to accomodate the feeding of all IT procurement data into the Asset Management  system with ERP being the Data source.The software was also required to be integrated with a discovery solution to keep all computer assets discovery being reconciled with the ERP data to ensure all system in the environment reports correct hardware and Software discovery to the IT Asset Management System and can help find the compliance calculations and Audit findings pro-actively.


Compliance Calculation for all the Software usage was a big challenge. Further finding the exact Usage rights for every single piece of Software was another challenge. Around 800,000 software records were discovered through environment discovery. Further discovery integration was reporting most of the software with two names/versions which increased the number further to 1 million plus.


We applied multiple approaches to deal with this big chunk of data. Utilising our analytics skills and industry experience,  we drilled down to database level and we managed to find perfect compliance results for Microsoft. We worked on custom Integration connectors to get compliance results for Oracle as the license discovery wasn’t possible. The Project moved into operation in March,2018 and now following Continuous Improvement Journey.




The IT system wasn’t really that easy to implement as we thought. We had to go through a lot of learning and trainings to get down to a satisfactory level. We learnt something out of the Project that implementing processes for IT Asset Management takes time to mature and we are satisfied with things getting in control. There is still a lot that we need to learn about Asset management specially the software assets but with a powerful tool in hand now we have access to the usage insights in our environment and we hope to achieve the best level of Asset optimization to help us optimize the extra costs we have been spending over years.

Selma Smit, Project Owner
South African Reserve Bank