Digital Marketing Transforming Ed Tech Industry

digital marketing transforming ed tech industry

India holds the largest network in global education. Online channels of education act as an extension to learning, with the industry players offering B2B, B2C, and C2C solutions for all customer requirements. Ed-tech services for the K-12 segment (Classes 1 to 12) are expected to increase 6.3X by 2022, forming a $1.7 billion market. And the post-K12 market is expected to grow 3.7X to reach $1.8 billion.

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With this diverse market growing rapidly, it becomes inevitable for an Ed-tech business to stay hidden or away from the spotlight. Choosing a digital medium for learning is incomplete if the same medium is not chosen correctly to share your business story or to acquire the target customer. To capitalize on this booming industry, digital marketing uses data-driven strategies to place you in a powerful position. Digital Marketing is a great way to bridge solutions and fill accessibility gaps between you and your customers.

How does Digital marketing differ from other mediums of marketing?

Digital marketing is the most result-oriented and holds the most strategic weightage across all mediums. The aspiration and appeal of the content crafted for target groups uniquely differ in communication while keeping the same objective.

Creating brand awareness, instant recalls, and generating leads is faster and widely prevalent across industries and brands through digital mediums. Return on investment remains the key driver to choose digital mediums for quick, reliable, and retainable results.


Marketing funnel in Ed-tech

To boost the conversion rates, it is very important to evaluate the decision-making process of prospects in Ed-tech.


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Awareness: At the top of the funnel is the awareness stage. Here, the marketers try to reach the largest number of potential customers and create awareness of the business offerings. This stage includes inbound marketing, search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), and social media marketing (SMM).

Interest: After the lead generation process, the leads are nurtured through email newsletters and remarketing tactics. This helps them to recall the brand and the service offerings.

Evaluation: The leads now evaluate your service offerings against your competitors by visiting the website, analyzing content, taking demos or free trials.

Sales: The decision to buy converts a lead into sales. This takes us to the final and the most crucial stage of the marketing funnel. Sales are an indicator of how effective the campaigns were. Remember, happy customers will always repeat purchases (renew their subscription) and refer you to their social groups.

It is also important to find where the leads are dropping off at each stage. This will help to improve and optimize the acquisition process at every stage. The Ed-tech industry is notorious for being fragmented. Therefore, all the efforts must appeal to all stakeholders (students, teachers, school boards, parents, etc.)

How to use digital marketing to leverage Ed-tech?

The biggest challenge for any Ed-tech company is creating an impact in a highly cluttered market. Digital marketing strategies are thus designed to acquire a high-priority audience. The depth of digital solutions helps in achieving the most ambitious business goals. These strategies are:

  1. Paid advertising programs:

The most efficient and lucrative strategy is using pay-per-click ads. These programs are focused on choosing the long-tail, transactional, and educational keywords to engage the audience having the intent of finding Ed-tech or similar services. They allow you to create tailor-made messages for specific target groups. Choosing the right marketing mix helps in establishing the best offers and crafting key differentiators for the niche audience.


  1. Search Engine Optimization:

To acquire the target markets organically, search engines prove to be a true asset. Optimizing the website with the right keywords leads to improving website ranking, gaining more traffic, and getting high-quality leads.

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3. Analytics:

Using analytics can seamlessly transform online education. It empowers businesses to identify strengths, weaknesses and discover new opportunities. It ensures that learners are exposed to the right data for effective engagement.


How Areneva can lead you to a successful Digital Journey?

Digital marketing can play a vital role in your Ed-tech business. Our digital marketing experts provide valuable solutions to brand building and communicating the brand values to the target groups. We are focused on generating leads and improving reach for your brand.

At Areneva, we want to help digital education services to tap into huge opportunities available in the education industry. We help you elevate your brand in the evolving Ed-tech space through your vision for the new-age learners. We work on strategies to build foundational strength followed by in-depth tracking and analysis to identify and nurture your leads.

Let us join you in a journey to create an ed-tech revolution.

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