5 most ROI Driven Marketing Channels for Ed Tech Industry

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As per the DataLabs report, India has the second-highest number of Ed-Techs in the world. This industry has been growing at a rapid speed. So, having an edge in the industry is a lot more needed now than ever.

Moving ahead with the ‘new normal’, schools, colleges, private institutes are turning Tech-based, and thus there is a sudden surge in the Ed Tech domain. Ed-Tech is now changing and leveling up to generate leads and retain its customer base. The companies that have already adopted the Tech domain have an advantage over their new competitors. That said, these EdTech companies need to add more dollars into marketing as business opportunities are increasing manifolds, and so will be the competition

When the budget is limited, and one wants to have a competitive advantage, Ed-techs must not miss the channels where the potential customers Are.


Ed Tech industry trends

Let us go through these channels in brief and discuss why marketers should choose them:


  1. Pay per Click: We know that “Search is intent”, and as seen in the graph below, over 5 years, the interest in the EdTech companies is increasing rapidly. That means users are already searching for EdTech services. So what makes the difference is what you advertise on Google and what your search impression share is.

marketing graph

  1. Video Marketing: 69% of the content consumed over the internet is videos. It is tested and proven that videos get much more engagement than text and image content. The boom in zoom and other webinar platforms during the COVID-19 pandemic also majorly indicated that video hosting platforms assist in opening lead generation gates for brands. These leads can be then nurtured using CRM software like LeadSquared.


In the example below, we searched for “Class 10th Physics classes”. It is an expensive keyword, so your Ad might not be visible due to low budget or other reasons. But if you scroll down just to the 4th place, there is a YouTube video on the same search query. Video marketing helps to build awareness and consideration and pushes the prospect down the funnel.



  1. Search Engine Optimization: Whether for parents or young kids, Google is the go-to platform for answers to the majority of queries. Let us take a look at a major EDTech player Byjus.com. Let us see how they optimized their SEO and the approx. website traffic they are getting.



Well, this is some serious SEO work done right there. Needless to say, the advantage of an optimized SEO website is – increased visibility to prospects, more awareness, high conversion rate.

Talking of another EdTech player, Doubtnut.com, the company is working aggressively on backlinks to maintain their rank on the google search page, especially after April 2021, as per our below analysis.


Ed tech industry insights

  1. Social Media Marketing: If there’s one law in social media marketing, it would be“Avoid being sales-y”, and create content that brings value to prospects and current users. The precise paid targeting that social media platforms provide for the EdTech industry is broad enough to generate leads. And the majority of the lead generation happens over social media for Indian EdTech clients.


Social media platforms like – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. are the prime lead generation sources and provide targeting options such as:

  • Parents of kids 0-6 years old, 6-12 years old, 12-18 years old
  • Interest-based targeting like – Management, AIEEE, IIT, Python, Digital Marketing, etc.
  • Remarketing to website traffic, people who interacted with social media content, people who opened or clicked on your emails, your current database, and their lookalikes, etc.

5. E-mail Marketing for Ed-Tech’s

Ed-Techs can really leverage their current database to cross-sell or up-sell or just to keep the engagement growing with the leads and prospects. It’s a very big domain itself which can help to build engaging marketing strategies to convert prospects to customers or keep the customers engaged and build advocacy further

There’s a lot to explore and learn about the emerging industry of EdTech and obtain a competitive edge. It’s always the one with the customer acquisition strategy who wins. That’s where our team comes into play. We’re not an agency, we are your partners and marketing consultants. Feel free to get in touch with us.