Hello World | My First Blog

The Corona Virus pandemic has hit the world in the worst possible ways and  we all are locked in with very limited access to the options we can explore or do. So, I thought about starting my own blog space through which I’ll share important announcements, news, my views and articles.

Over the years, I have not just worked in many geographies and locations but also had the chance to meet and know so many people and I also made some great friends for life. The kind of profession I took up has always been a challenging one and I had to deal with people with professional experiences almost my age. Maybe, this is something that has helped me build connections at all levels. Maybe, all these executives love that energy and passion they see in me. World is full of good people.

I’m a guitarist, musician, photographer, graphic & web designer. Basically an artist person. When I decided to start the company, I had no idea how it would be like to run it. I just did it. I thought it would be the same work that I do but with more freedom to follow what you love to do. What I didn’t know back then was that it is something that will turn me into another person completely.

What I'll be writing about?

I’ll be writing my personal views and share a collection of my favourite news, articles and announcements in the industry. I’ll be writing more on the IT software, services and products in the market.

How can you participate?

You can participate through comments on these posts and by sharing the articles on social media with your views on what you think about it?

Can you also get a webspace here?

If you like to publish your blogs here, you can reach me on sc@areneva.com. If, I like your idea about your blogging subjects, I’ll give you a personal fully customisable space with various design features that you can use to design your blogs with various design components so your blogs doesn’t look classic. .

How It all started?

I was doing a job in HCL Technologies and I resigned just like that to join a startup and the owner was a known of mine through my best-friend. I brought him a great confidence of an ITSM Software company when I went on to start a partnership with them. His company started flourishing, projects coming in. I helped them define the initial practice on how projects are delivered with project plans and approaches etc. I mean that whole company was full of complete novice beginners back then, I have treated each and every single one of those guys as a family. I was there to support them when they would mess up and they knew that. That confidence matters. I don’t even know if they even appreciate what they have got from me. I mean shaping someone’s attitude is a big deal. It feels good to see them flourish in life. I love to see people succeed by fair means and anything to help someone in need, it’s just in me. I moved to South Africa to handle another project for the company.

This is where the same old Indian employer drama of “Fake promises” came into picture. I was promised the industry standard rates etc. What I was getting per day, once I was there, was basically less than the allowance I had in HCL for a single meal during travel and that too within the country with a range of hotels to choose from. Here, you have no voice because now you are out of your country with limited citizen rights. And now you are starting to see the true colours. I knew from this day, I’m leaving soon. You have to stay in the house provided by company, drive the car chosen by company, so many things hey. I had to shift into a new place more than 6 times within 1 year during my stay due to some lease troubles. It’s funny. I mean I had no idea where am I, where are the markets around, gym?? That’s not even an option. By the time, you are familiar with your area, Time to Shift. lol.  But anyways, the South African contractors had a nice guy in their leadership and we became good friends. So, I stayed for him till my work is done. Now, I know how horrible it can be if the technical lead leaves in the middle of a project because it happened  with me but that’s a complete different story, I’ll cover that in future.

After around one year, when the project was finished on my part, I decided to leave and come back and work independently. Now, I wanted to start a practice. So, I met the ex-CEO of Coromandel Group. He changed a little bit of my perception because if I was exploring an opportunity with him and so was he in utilising my South African connections. That’s what I saw in his eyes.

While I was still exploring what to do now, I was called back to the South African Reserve Bank directly to handle the project as the project moved into a fight after I left. You need professionals at professional places. That’s how my entrepreneur journey started.

IMG 9839 scaled e1588308963497

Rhino & Lion Nature Reserve, Krugersdorp, South Africa

Career Journey

Over three years, I started building recognition in people. Started learning about people who are at what companies, who handle what function and who are the influencers and C-Levels etc. Basically, I found the good people in the industry. And, I also met a lot of wrong people but you learn quickly who are the right people when you have come with so many variety of experiences in life.

Especially, those 3 years in Africa completely changed my perception of looking at the world. I would say, ” Watching live wild animals is the best way to learn about the basics. And trust me, the basic instinct is real”. I don’t know how, but somehow I read a person’s body language and predict what is going on in their mind. So far, it’s been a great experience. The picture on left, I kept staring at this Impala for a long time and he at me. We both started trusting each other by the eye contact but we both were scared to move closer. Epiphany!!

Today, as I woke up, I just wanted to share my news feed with people that resonate with me. I think it’s a great way to identify who are the people of your type and an absolute great medium to build new friendships and this is my personal webspace with no interference of whatsoever social media business. So, stay tuned!! and if you would like to write your articles here, let me know what’s going on in your mind.