Service: Technology Implementation

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Our Technology Implementation for enterprises software solutions take care of the full software implementation lifecycle with industry’s professional best practices. We involve  in the projects from the initial stages of planning to the delivery and post-implementation support to build operations and practice.

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We have done some very major implementation for some very large organisations and various medium sized organisation. We are also system integrator level partners with some global technology leaders. Our software implementation practice runs along with some major service providers in the industry.

Software implementations is not just about installing and configuring the software, there is more that goes into picture. Handling every single project aspect at every phase is very crucial for the project success and hand-overs happen at best when the project is handled with a professional approach taking into consideration that the knowledge transfer requires the right communication and tracking.


On one hand, we hear you and understand the functional needs


On the other hand, we provide the technical feasibility for functional need


We expand our technology implementation services after rigorous testing, development, trainings and experience. Our current Technology Implementation Services are available in the following verticals



IT Service Management is the Prime layer which provides visibility into the IT operations and support services. Inefficient ITSM implementation can take away the sweetness out of your implementation. ITSM is not just Service Management but also a connected platform to the end user. So, not just UI but UX as well matters for the customer engagement.


Our IT Service Management services include:


  1. Implementation of IT Service Management Solutions
  2. Functional and Business Requirement Consulting
  3. CMDB Consulting
  4. ITAM Consulting
  5. Service Request Catalog Consulting
  6. Service Request Management Consulting
  7. Incident, Problem and Change Management Consulting
  8. Reporting and Multi-Tenant Consulting
  9. Integration Development & Consulting
  10. Dashboard and BI Development
  11. Managed ITSM support services
  12. ITSM operation practice development



There are two types of IT Assets: Hardware and Software. Hardware Asset Management is pretty straight forward as it’s a verifiable asset. However,  when it comes to Software Asset Management, things get complicated with millions of software records discovered that can be a penalty prospect. Further, securing organisation from spoofing attacks and blacklisting software is another major challenge.


Our IT Asset Management services include:


  1. Implementation of Hardware and Software Asset Management solutions
  2. Functional and Business Requirement Consulting
  3. Software Catalog Management Practice Consulting
  4. Software Asset Management multi-license monitoring Consulting
  5. ITAM integration with discovery and ITSM
  6. Outsourced SAM catalog management
  7. Dashboard and Report development
  8. IT Endpoint Management
  9. Asset Lifecycle Management Consulting
  10. Solution Support

Bpm’online Integrator Partners


We are an integrator partner with top 3 CRM companies. A successful CRM implementation is more about understanding customers and handling interactions at various phases.

Our CRM & BPM services include:


  1. Business Process Consulting
  2. CRM Consulting
  3. CRM Software Administration and development Training
  4. Sales Automation Consulting
  5. Services Management Consulting
  6. Marketing Automation Consulting
  7. Web Integration Consulting
  8. Cross Platform Integration Consulting
  9. Managing Outsourced CRM
  10. Building Custom Modules
  11. Dashboard & Reporting Consulting

Infrastructure Monitoring


Infrastructure Monitoring is not just implementing an application to monitor the systems. There is more that goes into a monitoring project.


Our Infrastructure Monitoring services include:


  1. Functional Requirement Gathering
  2. Quality Of Service Metric Consulting
  3. Monitoring Parameters Definition
  4. Defining Priority for alerts
  5. Dashboards Consulting
  6. Multi-Tenant Consulting
  7. CMDB Consulting
  8. Business Service Mapping
  9. Hardware, Server, Network & Application Monitoring Consulting
  10. Defining Views and Reporting Hierarchy
  11. OpsView Consulting
  12. Integration Consulting
  13. Software Implementation