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Our Software & research service is all about leveraging a helping hand to executives to choose the right software solution that meets the organisation’s requirement. Many times, IT teams are a victim to Software Marketing and fall a prey to only realise after sales that the software just don’t have the required flexibility on features and come hard-coded. Bottlenecked !!

Don’t worry, our software consulting services first understand your Business need and then checks with various software vendors in the market to help you in decision making with a report on Pros vs. Cons on the software solutions in the market that serve similar purpose.


Software are expensive and takes time to learn and adapt. So, when you are investing in software, make the best use of your money for the long run. Our Software Research Service offers:

  • Business Requirement Mapping
  • Functional Requirement Mapping
  • Internal Technical Skill Assessment
  • Software Vendor Solution Testing
  • Reports with Pros and Cons on the software solutions available
  • Helps unbiased Decision Making

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Software Purchase is an Organisational Change and it impacts the organisation’s Business Unit if not properly planned. Our service helps you in decision making and strategising in :

  • Software Implementation
  • User Training
  • Building Reporting Hierarchy
  • Operation Practice Building
  • Managing Software Lifecycle

What is Software & Research Service?

Software & Research Service is a premium service for the decision makers in the organisation who needs an agency to help them in unbiased decision-making for a software purchase for the whole organisation or some organisation function.

How does it work?

Our consultant takes a session with you and understands your organisation and starts building a report. Our consultant understands various aspects of the functional need and hands over the report to our technical team as well as to you. Our technical team starts accessing various solutions in the same vertical and build a technical report with pros vs. cons for the top 5 solutions that fits your need. Our consultant takes another session with you to help in decision-making.

Our Workflow & Process

Once you request for our Software & Research Service, an assessment with you helps us understand the project scope and cost complexity. Based on the Project, our sales team generates a quote for the required service with a breakdown of Time & Resource Effort. A contract is executed between two parties and invoices are generated on the payment milestones.

We provide an unbiased report and no commissions are involved from the Software Seller side.