Service: Online Account Management

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There is business development, service, sales, marketing, delivery and much more that goes into running a business. Why worry about the online presence management. Our Online Account Management service caters to your need of a dedicated team looking into the uptime and everything related to your website and online account management.

At Areneva, our team is continuously monitoring your website and other online services to pro-actively action before there is an incident.

From renewals to suggesting the best value added service, our online account management team takes care of your online account’s need so you don’t miss on a single important event.


Analytics at your tips

Get regular insights on your website performance and valuable insights to help you make decisions for your website's performance

We Support Our Clients Five Working Days

We are available for our clients 5 working days but actively monitoring your online account 24*7

Not just account monitoring, our online account management cater to all sort of your website needs including Search Engine Optimisation, new page development, blog post updates, digital marketing and more…

  • Analytics
  • Recommendations
  • Page Speed Insights
  • Digital Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Page Development
  • Blog Post Updates
  • Administration

What is Online Account Management?

Online Account Management is a managed service in which you get the options to choose from for outsourcing your website and other online account management service. Our team takes care of your online account so you don’t need to worry about managing your online presence.

How does it work?

One of our consultants contact you and provide you the consulting and various options to choose from for your account management. Accordingly, a plan is generated for you and the chosen services are managed by our team.

Our Workflow & Process

Once you are registered as a customer in our system, an account manager is assigned to you who is your single point of contact. Our account manager gets in touch with you to explain the services package and our process. After the enablement, you are given access to our system to communicate through our portal.